The Institutes

institutes-logo.jpgVISION: Developing Dynamic Disciples fully equipped, rooted and grounded for the work of effective ministry and true Kingdom impact.

MISSION: The mission of The Institutes is to provide an avenue for personal growth and Christian development in all aspects of life with the goal of all participants becoming deeply rooted and grounded in the Word and will of the Lord, thereby continuously bearing bountiful fruit.
  • To provide biblically based classes for practical application, leadership and service.
  • To provide continuing education for persons currently involved in Christian service and those desiring to begin service.
  • To provide sound biblical training more advanced and specialized than regular church bible study, but less demanding than a bible college.
  • All classes are available for church members as well as community members who desire to embark on systematic Christ centered studies.
  • Classes are offered throughout the year through the published schedule.

Contact: The Institute Office
Phone Number: 301-386-9511
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fee Schedule:

Registration Fee
$ 5.00 (All Classes)
Course Fee (Individual)
Senior Citizens (60 and over)
$ 20.00
Becoming One (Per Couple)
$150.00 Members
$175.00 Non Members *
Late Registration Fee
$ 10.00


Course Withdrawal/Refund Policy

The registration fee is non refundable
Course fees are refunded as follows:
Prior to First Class
100% of Course Fee
After 1st Class
50% of Course Fee
After 2nd Class
No Refund

*Only one person has to be a member for member fee

NOTE: For Seniors and those with fees waived (instructors, FBCG/SHABACH! employees, etc.), you may also register online by entering a special code.