October 14, 2016

3rd Annual Washington Prayer Gathering, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016

On Sunday, Oct. 9, an estimated 1,500 participants gathered for the 3rd Annual Washington Prayer Gathering, organized by McLean Bible Church and hosted by First Baptist Church of Glenarden (FBCG) at our Worship Center.

Locked in arms and forming circles, attendees of all denominations, generations, ethnicities and races began to pray for one another, crises plaguing our country and church unity. While some prayed in small groups, by themselves and as a whole, ultimately the goal of the prayer gathering was to come together in unity to seek God.

Local pastors also individually prayed on a number of topics, including personal sins and repentance before the Lord; sins of our churches; sins of our city; and for a revival to sweep through our personal lives, churches and the Washington, D.C. metro area. “We are gathered here [tonight] to humble ourselves before God … we want to show that in Christ, there is no white or black,” said Lon Solomon, Senior Pastor of McLean Bible Church.

During a time where prayer is needed more than ever, this event proved to be timely. Since its first gathering in 2014, Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr., Senior Pastor of FBCG, has been a supporter and participator of this significant event. “My goal as a pastor is to see lives transformed and won for Christ. I know He was pleased to see all of His children come together in unity, in His name.”

Pastors and participants alike can expect to gather again in prayer for the National Day of Prayer, set for May 4, 2017.

Please click on the below Merge event photos to enlarge. Photos courtesy of FBCG Photography Ministry.