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The moment the First Baptist Church of Glenarden opened its doors Friday night, nearly 3,000 teenagers rushed inside for a high-octane worship service.

Inside the Upper Marlboro mega-church, a large digital clock was at four minutes and counting down. When the numbers reached zero, the Christian go-go band Vertical exploded into view. Hundreds rushed the stage and the sanctuary was filled with spiritual music.
Monday, 17 December 2012 06:32

Ministering to more than the soul

The members of First Baptist Church of Glenarden worship in four shifts on Sundays. As soon as one service is over, there is a steady stream of people filing into the cavernous sanctuary for the next.

At a recent 8 a.m. service, a hush fell over the more than 2,000 parishioners as Nick Vujicic was lifted atop a table to preach.

The 30-year-old evangelist was born without limbs because of a rare affliction called Tetra-Amelia syndrome. His message was a mix of humor and perseverance in the face of severe obstacles.