Without a doubt, First Baptist Church of Glenarden is a large church. If you wanted to, you could slip in and out each Sunday and never be noticed. But God desires so much more for His church.

That’s why you are so important. God has gifted everyone with special talents and resources to further His kingdom here on earth. But it all starts by getting involved!

Whether you have lots of time to volunteer each week or only a few hours every once in a while, consider making the kind of impact that only you can make. Decide for yourself the length of time you’ll serve. We promise that you’ll meet new friends, grow spiritually and maybe even learn something about yourself.

Ready to give it a try? Click the volunteer job announcements, complete an application and background check for each open position. If you need help determining your passions, interests and/or spiritual gifts, take this short spiritual gifts test at http://www.spiritualgiftstest.com/test/adult.

God is doing something special here at FBCG. Thank you for getting involved and giving back!

Please scroll down to view all leadership positions


Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.
Elder John S. Terry
Elder Wilbur Barham
Elder William Jones
Elder Freddie Sanford
Elder Thomas Sims Jr.


Department Heads

Reverend William Berkeley
Children & Youth Ministries Department
Helen Bryant
Helps Ministries Department
Reverend Belynda Gentry
Missions Ministries Department
Reverend Esther Gordon
Education & Training Ministries Department
Minister Stephen Hurd
Music & Arts Ministries Department
First Lady Trina Jenkins
Family Life Department
Elder Thomas Sims
Special Ministries Department


Chief Operating Officer

Jones Photo web7
Dr. Joseph E. Jones Sr.

Pastoral Staff

  • Elder Thomas Sims Jr. - Senior Pastoral Assistant & Director, Special Ministries
  • Reverend William Berkeley Jr. - Director, Children & Youth Ministries
  • Reverend Ann Darden - Director, Ministry Support
  • Reverend Shirley Vick Dawson - Director, Information Technology and Evangelism
  • Reverend Duane Dickens Sr. - Special Assistant to the Pastor
  • Reverend Belynda Gentry - Director, Missions Ministries
  • Reverend Esther L. Gordon - Director, Education and Training Ministries
  • Minister Beverly Little - Assistant Director, Couples Ministry
  • Minister Ulysees (Skip) Little - Director, Couples Ministry
  • Dr. Gloria E. Miller - Associate Pastor
  • Dr. Johnny Parker Jr. - Director, Spiritual Care
  • Reverend Jonathan Z. Queen - Youth Pastor
  • Reverend Patricia Singleton - Children's Pastor
  • Reverend Sheryl Smith - Senior Care Pastor


Associate Ministers

Reverend  Paul Chapman, President

  • Minister Diane Akers
  • Minister Reggie J. Alexander
  • Minister Alan C. Andrews
  • Minister Debora R. Barr
  • Minister Gloria W. Baylor
  • Reverend Chester Bellinger
  • Minister Khadijah Bey
  • Minister Michael Brewington
  • Reverend Harold Brinkley
  • Minister Joy Briscoe
  • Reverend Vincent Briscoe
  • Minister Richard Brown
  • Minister Gail Bussell
  • Reverend Lettie Carr
  • Minister Deborah Chambers
  • Reverend Gail Chapman
  • Minister Suzette Chiles
  • Reverend Audrey Daniel
  • Minister Michael Davis
  • Minister Sammie Davis Jr.
  • Reverend Lewis Finney
  • Reverend John Fortt
  • Minister Joyce M. Frazier
  • Reverend Angelia Garner
  • Minister J. Marie Garrett
  • Min. Walter George
  • Minister Glenn Grayer II
  • Minister Walter M. Harris Jr.
  • Minister Walter M. Harris Jr.
  • Minister Milton Holt
  • Minister Sharon Honor
  • Minister Stephen Hurd
  • Reverend Lillian Mae Jenkins
  • Minister Allison Johnson
  • Reverend Terence Johnson
  • Minister Velina Johnson
  • Minister Willie Jolley
  • Reverend Kwame Kankam-Boadu
  • Minister Veronica Lassiter
  • Minister Deborah Leaner
  • Reverend Clayton Lewis
  • Minister Keith Lynch
  • Minister James Matthews
  • Minister Jacqueline D. McCoy
  • Reverend Josephine A. Miller
  • Minister Diane Myers
  • Minister Sherrell Myers
  • Reverend Byron Neal
  • Reverend Keionna Neal
  • Reverend Nikki Pearson
  • Minister Donna Reid
  • Minister Dawn Sanders
  • Minister John Sawyer
  • Minister Donnie Simons
  • Minister Warren Sims
  • Minister Reginald Singleton
  • Minister Argie D. Smith
  • Minister Cheryl Steplight
  • Minister Concetta Sumner
  • Reverend Gloria Swieringa
  • Minister Iris Tate
  • Minister John Tate
  • Minister Carolyn D. Tatem
  • Minister Sylvia Taylor
  • Minister Cynthia Terry
  • Reverend Hugh Thomas
  • Reverend Linda Thomas
  • Minister Norman Thomas
  • Minister Tonya Thomas
  • Reverend Thurman Thorne
  • Minister Vernette Thorne
  • Minister Patricia Trivers
  • Min. Alvin D. Tucker, Sr.
  • Min. Cheryl Tucker
  • Minister Robin Waley
  • Reverend Michele Williams
  • Minister Lew Williams
  • Reverend Malcom Williams
  • Minister Maurice B. Winn
  • Reverend Thea Wilson
  • Minister Nathaniel Yates


Deacons Ministry

Deacon James Johnson, Chairman

  • Deacon Jesse Anderson
  • Elder Wilbur Barham
  • Deacon Kenneth Barnes
  • Deacon Gurnie Blunt
  • Deacon Thelonious Carroll
  • Deacon James Chiles
  • Deacon Robert Clark
  • Deacon William Clayborne Jr.
  • Deacon James Davis
  • Deacon Thomas Dubose
  • Deacon Charles L. Dunton Sr.
  • Deacon Ronald Etheridge
  • Deacon Stanley Featherstone
  • Deacon Thomas Ferguson
  • Deacon Michael Flowers Sr.
  • Deacon Gregory Foster
  • Deacon Bobby Garner
  • Deacon William G. Gentry Jr.
  • Deacon Michael Gilliam
  • Deacon Brent S. Gilmore
  • Deacon Oscar Grant
  • Deacon Alfred Green
  • Deacon Paul Griffin Jr.
  • Deacon Giles Hagood
  • Deacon Darrell Haley
  • Deacon Chris Harrod
  • Deacon Keith Hinds
  • Deacon Lou Holder
  • Deacon Robert Hunt
  • Deacon Perry Hugee
  • Deacon James Hughes
  • Elder William Jones
  • Deacon Michael Julius
  • Deacon Lawrence Lee
  • Deacon Henry Lloyd
  • Deacon Lawrence McCoy
  • Deacon Rickey McCullough
  • Deacon Eric McFarland
  • Deacon Earl McJett
  • Deacon David Moore
  • Deacon Mark Rhyns
  • Deacon Glenn Richardson
  • Deacon Stanley Rodgers
  • Elder Freddie Sanford
  • Deacon Norman Simms
  • Deacon Herbert Simons
  • Deacon Calvin Skinner
  • Deacon Douglas Smith
  • Deacon Darrell Spears
  • Deacon Christopher M. Streeter
  • Deacon John Studgeon
  • Deacon George Tate
  • Deacon William Tatem Jr.
  • Elder John S. Terry
  • Deacon Charles H. Thomas
  • Deacon John C. Thomas
  • Deacon Ronald Wilson
  • Deacon Lawrence E. Winters


Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Angelette Featherstone, President

  • Deaconess Doretha Abney
  • Deaconess Janice Allen
  • Deaconess Brenda Anderson
  • Deaconess Joan B. Austin
  • Deaconess Susie J. Barfield
  • Deaconess Sonia Barham
  • Deaconess Brenda Bellinger
  • Deaconess Sharon Carroll
  • Deaconess Doris Colclough
  • Deaconess Jacqueline Cousins
  • Deaconess Corrine W. Davis
  • Deaconess Flora Davis
  • Deaconess Julia Davis
  • Deaconess Loretta J. Dunton
  • Deaconess Linda Etheridge
  • Deaconess Claudia V. Flowers
  • Deaconess Elisa Gilmore
  • Deaconess Carol Grant
  • Deaconess Daphne Gray
  • Deaconess Betty Green
  • Deaconess Naomi Grier
  • Deaconess Thelma Hagood
  • Deaconess Juanita Hawkins
  • Deaconess Marilyn Hinds
  • Deaconess Jennie Jones
  • Deaconess Elmira Lee
  • Deaconess Sharon Lewis
  • Deaconess Lessie Matthew
  • Deaconess Michele McCray
  • Deaconess Crystal McFarland
  • Deaconess Hilda McJett
  • Deaconess Janette Moore
  • Deaconess Rosanne Moore
  • Deaconess Bernette Richardson
  • Deaconess Sandra Sanford
  • Deaconess Frances Simons
  • Deaconess Danielle Simms
  • Deaconess Lillie Sims
  • Deaconess Bridgette G. Smith
  • Deaconess Denise Streeter
  • Deaconess Willie B. Studgeon
  • Deaconess Artinia Terry
  • Deaconess Evalena Walton
  • Deaconess Mary Wright

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